Huskies create a kinder world



Walking into Hailmann creates a welcoming and happy mood that makes everyone feel at home. Staff and students work together to create a culture of support and kindness to make Hailmann feel like home. No one is ever alone with caring and cheerful friends surrounding them at all times.

Hailmann is already spreading positivity one step at a time by starting two new projects this year. The Welcoming Committee and the Million Acts of Kindness are the leadways to a comforting school atmosphere.

Being greeted by a happy, smiling child can make anyone’s day better. It encourages people to want to go out and do good for others and the community. This is exactly Hailmann’s point when starting the Welcoming Committee and the Million Acts of Kindness.

Hailmann decided to start this welcoming committee after librarian Pam Fritzen saw it occur on the Today Show, and loved how joyous and loving the atmosphere was. It also pushed them out of their comfort zone to be more outgoing. Automatically, they knew it was something they wanted to achieve at Hailmann.

“Once we started, though, we realized that we had a lot of students that wanted to be greeters. The fifth graders will be our greeters for the month of September. We will move to fourth next,” Fritzen said.

Kindness is a main goal at the elementary school, and that’s where the Million Acts of Kindness project comes in to play. Laurie Scroggin, Hailmann third grade teacher, took the idea from an online video of a boy challenging his school to do 1,000,000 acts of kindness. The staff is already tallying acts that have been accomplished and marking them on tally sheets.

The hope is for students to do acts of kindness for strangers, not just their best friends. Simple tasks like: please, thank you, smiling, sitting with someone who is alone, and compliments are the aspirations for the school. In fact, Mrs. Mrozinski’s class has already completed over 500 acts. One student even picked up his neighbors’ trash can after seeing it tipped over in their driveway.

“Our motto is going to be ‘Kindness… Together’ because together the Hailmann Huskies will make this world AWESOME!!!!!,” Scroggin said. “They might be small, but they are mighty!”

The Huskies are well on their way to changing the world.


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