Shaking things up at Healthy Life La Porte


The latest craze around La Porte has been the addition of the smoothie and herbal tea business, Healthy Life La Porte.

It can be difficult to find healthy options around town, but Healthy Life, located at 1112 W State Rd 2, is changing up the game. Healthy Life Coaches, trained employees, are working to help customers lose weight with a wide variety of shakes and teas that serve as meal replacements. Expanding the business to reach and help more people in the community is the main goal.

“I would say, 99% of people who have reached out to us or who we have reached out to, have enjoyed it. They say,‘It’s about time La Porte got something healthy!’” Krista Taschler, co-owner of Healthy Life La Porte, said.  

The shakes and teas are meant to kickstart weight loss. The tea has aloe in it, which boosts metabolism and burns calories. Each shake has around 250 calories, is low in sugar and carbs, and is high in protein and vitamins and minerals. Healthy Life does weekly weigh-ins with their customers who are interested. Once people begin to see the results, they sign the weight loss board as a visual of their progress.

The response to Healthy Life’s opening has been nothing but positive. Healthy Life is such a hit because it stands out from the other places within the community due to its healthy options and friendly environment.

“They [coaches] always help me pick the right drink. The shakes are amazing. It tastes exactly like what it says. I love it,” Maddie Bildhauser, senior, said.

Many Slicers have found a new home at Healthy Life. Teachers and students are stopping by before school to start their day of right or after school for a treat.

“Healthy Life is a happy place! I love the environment, the people, and the products. It tastes too good to be true- but it’s true!” Mrs. McGuire, LPHS English teacher, said.

Healthy Life is also in the business of helping the community. With donations from their tip jar, each month they choose a group to give back to. They donated $750 to the First Church of God, $700 to the School Corporation, and $550 to Sacred Heart Church. The money donated to the school corporation is helping families buy school shoes. Another generous donation was made to the Sacred Heart Church, in memory of Judy Taschler.

Healthy Life La Porte has been a nice compliment to the community. Stop by for a tasty meal and friendly faces. Follow to keep up with new drink flavors and other updates by visiting their Facebook: @Healthy Life- La Porte or their Instagram: @healthylifelaporte.

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