The LPMB performs their 2018 show, “A Chorus Line”.

LPHS Marching Band still on top


The La Porte Marching Band takes 1st overall at Concord Invitational and Penn Invitational.

The LPMB traveled to Concord High School to participate in their annual invitational competition on Saturday, September 15. They competed in Scholastic A Class alongside John Adams High School.

The LPMB took first place with a score of 54.55. They also won the Best Visual, Best Music, and Best General Effect captions.

“Because it was our first competition, I was definitely expecting there to be some problems that don’t normally occur during rehearsals. Despite this, I was pleasantly surprised to see most rookies look confident and prepared regardless of the stress,” senior Tyler Benn said.

The LPMB also placed first in the Penn High School Invitational on September 22nd. They scored a 58.775 in Scholastic A Class and again received the Best Music and Best Visual captions.

“The contest was an interesting experience, [and] I look forward to improving for the next contest,” sophomore Jared Pace said.

Many members named musical timing as a worry. A concept that many spectators do not understand about being a marching musician is that the physics of sound travel play an enormous factor in field music and present a very difficult obstacle for performing musicians.

“[One] worry [of mine] was that we were going to get out of time and that the music would sound bad,” sophomore Caden Wiatrowski said.

The band’s 2018 show is titled “A Chorus Line” and is based on the 1975 musical production of the same name. “A Chorus Line” won various prestigious awards upon its opening performances and ran for 15 years on Broadway.

“Overall it was a smooth day and a decent performance. Judge comments were pretty positive.  It’s clear they like the potential of our show design,” director Mickey Stisher said.

The band began their season in late June in preparation for the La Porte and Michigan City parades. After a few weeks off, they again began rehearsing in late July, but this time to learn the new show. They rehearsed the two weeks leading up to the start of school from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and rehearse during the school year Monday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday afternoons.

“We still have a ways to go, especially in terms of staying together with each other and having quality sound, but I did notice focused faces both on and off the field and that makes all the difference,” drum major, senior Zach Eason said.

The band will perform next Saturday, September 29th, at the Plymouth High School Invitational. Their season ends in late October with the ISSMA State Finals at Lawrence Central.

“[We need to focus on] raising all aspects of our performance, both visual and musical.  We have lots of potential, but lots of work to do to reach our goals,” Stisher said.

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