Eminem VS MGK


A new beef in the rap genre has recently come to an end.  Who won is still being debated.

Most hip hop fans were pleased when Eminem released a surprise album titled ¨Kamikaze¨.  It received generally positive reviews. One of the biggest parts of discussion being the amount of other rappers Mathers dissed in the songs.

One of those rappers, Machine Gun Kelly, fired back at Eminem with the video ¨Rap Devil.¨ The song became a hit for breaking the accepted hip hop rule: You never come at Eminem.  While the piece did receive criticism for some of its awkward lyrics such as, ¨Somebody fetch me some clippers, his beard is weird.¨ It did receive praise for its art style and banger bars such as, ¨Somebody help your mans up.  Knees weak of old age, the real Slim Shady can’t stand up.¨

About one hour after the song was released, the question was on everyone’s mind: when will Eminem respond?  

The answer came about a week later, when the song ¨Killshot¨ dropped.  It included lyrics such as, ¨Younger me? No, you´re the wack me, it´s funny but so true. I´d rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you.” Another well-received bar being, ¨This is it, as big as you´re gonna get, so enjoy it.  Had to give you a career to destroy it.¨

Now that both songs and cards are on the table, it’s been up to the fans to decide who won the rap battle.  To get to the bottom of the question, Slicer Newsroom went to the classroom and asked two hip hop student professionals, Mauro Munoz Sosa and Jake Brooks.

¨Personally, due to my extended Lil Pump listening, my brain does not work all the way, but, I can still tell that Eminem obviously won,¨ Brooks said. ¨He had harder bars, and he, just… a knee-slapper.¨

Brooks isn’t the only who feels this way.

¨I think Eminem is winning this rap battle.  I don’t think it’s over yet, but I’m pretty sure he’s winning.¨ Munos Sosa agreed in a different interview.

Whether this is the highlight of MGK´s career, both agreed that he probably won’t get any bigger than where he is currently at.

When came to the end of Eminem’s career however, there was disagreement.

¨It´s- yes, it´s, I believe that.  He’s past his peak, his beard is weird.  He’s not- He’s not coming out with more bangers.  It’s not going to happen.¨ Brooks stated.

Munos Sosa disagreed, ¨No he’s not- Eminem’s career is not coming to an end.  He’s going to make another album in two years, it’s going to be great. He’s probably gonna make music until he dies.¨

The diss battle was the first of a growing trend in the music industry, rivalries and conflict.  Just a few days ago Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fought at a Fashion Week. When asked about this, Brooks stated that people are just cloud chasing, while Munos Sosa thought that it was just the industry and that he thought it was entertaining.

The rivalry these two stars shared could go down as the defining hip hop moment of the year, and that’s amidst the death of XXXTENTACION and Mac Miller, as well as Lil Pump going to jail.

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