An ace of a season



A memorable boys tennis season is coming to an end.

Though the team has been successful in holding a 13-5 record, they are not letting their focus die down. The team will be saying their goodbyes to seniors Abe Gray, Garrett Menke, Izack Tibbs, and Calvyn Ridge.

After dedicating time to the team, it is very bittersweet when it comes time for the seniors to part with their team. With some of the players participating in tennis for all four years, they are finding it hard to conclude their last season.

“I feel like I’m ending on a lot of high notes and with a lot of good relationships with players and the coaching staff,” Gray said.

The companionship throughout the team is evident. The players have bonded outside of the court and used this as a way to get closer with teammates while forming friendships.

“We hung out on and off the court, whether it was going to get food or hanging out on the lake,” Gray, said.

Seniors play an important role on the team and are the leaders on and off the court.

“They brought maturity, work ethic, knew what was expected, brought experience, and showed other players hard work,” Mr. Varda, boys’ tennis coach, said

They set an example of how the team operates, whether at home matches or at other schools. With the season approaching an end, the seniors would like to be remembered in positive ways.

“I hope they remember how helpful I was and motivating towards them,” Tibbs said.

The team is like a family, and they are constantly working together to grow as players. Being a part of the team has impacted the lives of the athletes. Tennis has allowed these seniors to participate in something they enjoy while growing as a team and as individuals.

“It’s given me a great way of getting involved and experience a different aspect of high school,” Gray, said.

Tennis for these players has really become an important part of their lives and has shaped them into who they are. There is a great atmosphere and an amazing coach who pushes his players to reach their full potential.

“They’re all friends of mine, really good guys. I appreciate having them on the team,” Coach Varda, said.

The seniors are parting with their team with their hopes set high for the future seasons. They know their teammates will make them proud.

“I hope to see State Champion titles because I know they are worthy of them,” Tibbs said.

Varda has become close with the players and wishes only the best for them as they take on their next chapter in life.

“I wish them the best of luck, hope they learned a lot outside of the team, improve communications, all four of them are very intelligent and I hope the team brought them value,” Varda, said.

As the four boys step off the LPHS courts, hopefully, they cherish the values learned from the team with them forever.

Come to support the boys’ tennis team on Wednesday, September 26, at the Kesling Park LeRoy courts at 4:30 pm.   

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