Safety kits to be added to LPCSC classrooms


With school back in session, parents may have one thing on their mind: the safety of their child(ren).

While most schools have begun taking the necessary precautions to ensure safety in their classes, the LaPorte Community School Corporation is taking an extra step and is adding safety kits to classrooms at all schools.

An application was put out for an Educational Foundation Grant which supplied $500 to the idea of safety kits. After receiving the grant, a Donor’s Choose grant was used to fund the actual items, and $3,000 was raised in under one month.

“The idea originated from people wanting to do something proactive that was not political and decided that providing classrooms with extra, easy safety precautions was something we could do,” Amy Jackson, LPHS VLA coordinator and grant writer, said.

The safety kits are made up of many tools that could be used in the case of an emergency, such as a flashlight, a cooling or warming blanket, bandages, tourniquets, zip ties, a door stop, and emergency glow-stick lighting. A card with the donor’s names and information on how the items can be used will also be included in the safety kits.

Aside from the hope that the kits are never needed, they are hoped to hold as many helpful tools as possible.

“The idea is that there are common items that are relatively easy to store and inexpensive that could change the game in an emergency situation. The doorstops can keep a door that is not lockable from being opened. The zip ties could be used to tie a heavy piece of furniture to a door for greater security. These situations are things we hope will never happen, but if they do, these items would certainly help and could potentially save lives,” Jackson said.

The most important job a teacher has during the day is keeping students safe. Jackson considers safety kits to be a very small step towards keeping schools safer in the case of an unexpected emergency. The idea of safety kits may also bring a sense of security to the students through knowing that there are tools available to protect them against an unforeseen crisis.

300 kits will be distributed throughout the entire corporation, allowing almost every classroom to have access to their contents.

Monetary donations continue to be accepted to ensure items can be replenished if necessary. Donations of D batteries are also being accepted as the kits are hoped to have an extra set of batteries for the flashlight. Anyone interested in making a donation can contact Amy Jackson at [email protected]


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