Boston’s Brew’in Cafe


Boston Middle School’s Brew’in Cafe is up and running for the second year in the Media Center.

The cafe is a fun way for community-based students to interact with teachers by bringing them their early morning coffee.

“I felt like there were ways in which the Media Center could better serve the community-based population. Helping them with job skills seemed like a good idea,” Mrs. Sgambelluri, Boston librarian, said.

The Brew’in Cafe opens at 7:40 a.m. and students finish deliveries around 8 a.m. The only people who are able to purchase and drink the coffee are staff members.

There are four teachers who came up with and transformed the idea into a reality. The Cafe wouldn’t exist without Mrs. Rosenbaum, Mrs. Ruthenback, Mrs. Manolovits, and Mrs. Sgambelluri.

These teachers are thankful for the ability to have received funds from the Economic Education mini-grant that Purdue University provided.

The grant made the teachers able to purchase a Keurig machine, K-cups, and other supplies needed. The cafe has been a huge success in Boston Middle School, and they even raised $350 profit last year.

The excitement in the media center doesn’t stop there.

Most people know Sgambelluri as the Boston Middle School’s librarian, but she is much more. Sgambelluri truly loves her job, and she shows it through all of the hard work and creative events she comes up with and hosts.

“Ms. Sgambelluri is creative and forward thinking. She’s willing to try whatever is best for the staff and students. Sgambelluri is a real go getter and has turned our media center/library into a place that students want to be,” Mrs. Carter, Boston principal, said.

Every month, through the end of the year, Boston arranges fun events. Whether it is the 12 Days of Crafting in December, World Storytelling Day in March, or Sushi making presentations in celebration of Asian American Month in May, there’s always something to look forward to monthly. Every second Monday of each month, the Boston library hosts a lunch and learn book discussion.

Gone are the days of the quiet and dull library thanks to Sgambelluri. The BMS Media Center is full of life and learning.


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