150 years: 150 acts of service


Alli Glen, Staff Writer


La Porte High School is celebrating the 150th graduating class by completing 150 acts of service.

The administration wants to celebrate the sesquicentennial graduating class in a special way, and the service challenge seemed to be the best fit. Selflessness is the mark of a true Slicer, so 150 acts should not be too daunting and is a way to give back to a community that has given so much.

“When we consider that LPHS has been in this community for 150 years, we know how important the school is to the community and the community is to the school. We see this as a great way to celebrate and give back to fellow Slicers,” Ben Tonagel, principal, said.    

To kick off this project, for the next four weeks, LPHS students and staff will be looking at four different areas that will not only help others but themselves: attention to surroundings, service to others, service to self, and tolerance in situations.                                                                                            

The first week ran from October 22-26. During this time, the focus was paying attention to surroundings. The big task during the first week was for everyone to clean out their lockers or folders to get more organized. Students and staff were also encouraged to pick up trash around the school to make it a cleaner environment for everyone.

“I liked it because I never had enough time during passing periods to do it [locker clean out]. This gave me that time,” Kate Kazmierzak, senior, said.

The second week will run from October 29-November 2, and the focus is on service to others. This week is all about students and staff breaking out of their shell to greet people they normally wouldn’t talk to or taking the time to help another person. The main SRT activity will be writing letters of gratitude to people Slicers appreciate. Staff and students will have the option of sending the letters to teachers, friends, or even family members.

The third week is going to last from November 5-8. The school will be focusing on service to self. During SRT, students will have the opportunity to go on walks around the school, coloring, puzzles, partake in mindfulness, and there will even be a sheet to sign up for yoga. With stress and anxiety prevalent, the staff wanted to equip students with ways to deal with all they have to manage.

The fourth week will be spent November 12-16 focusing on tolerance in situations. Thinking before you speak is a big focus of the week. There will be an activity in SRT where students will watch a “What Would You Do” clip and truly think about how they may react to similar situations.

A month of self care and care for others is a great way to move LPHS into the holiday season.

“It reminds me of Mrs. Dawson’s favorite saying, ‘Too much kindness isn’t a thing.’ Acts rooted in kindness to ourselves and others will always be a good idea!” Mrs. McGuire, sophomore SRT Lead and English teacher, said.