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“Mi Biblioteca”

“Mi Biblioteca”


Boston Middle School is making big leaps in its library after having its Donors Choose project of “Mi Biblioteca,” which gives them 60 books written in Spanish, accepted and funded.

“Mi Biblioteca” provides books for Spanish-speaking students, which greatly helps Spanish speaking students. It is important that they are able to maintain their first language while they are learning a second. Right now, the Spanish book section is very limited. With the new addition, anyone can check out the books, even those just trying to learn Spanish.

The project, started by Mrs. Sgambelluri, Boston Middle School librarian, was funded from generous donations from around the country.

“We are very grateful to our many donors. Some of them were local and one was from as far away as California,” Sgambelluri said.

This project will only add to the already inclusive and progressive space. Sgambelluri has turned the original image of a library completely upside down.

“Mrs. Sgambelluri has transformed our media center from the old fashioned library it once was into a cutting edge, culturally rich, constantly innovating space that it is,” Holly Welsh, Boston Social Studies teacher, said. “She brings the wide world to our students and staff’s fingertips everyday.”

The grant has been running since September, and the books, both fiction and non-fiction, are scheduled to arrive by Thanksgiving by a vendor provided by Donors Choose.

Donors Choose is a United States–based nonprofit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. Charles Best, former public school teacher, originally founded the platform in the year 2000. Many LPCSC teachers use this site to help fund needs for their classrooms.

On this site, public school teachers from across the country request much-needed materials and experiences for their students, and viewers can donate to help the cause. According to, over a million projects have been funded so far.

“I think Donors Choose is an amazing organization. Since 2,000, DC has funded 1,287,154 projects. It is an easy process. I’ve had three funded in the last year. It’s an easy process that literally takes only a few minutes. DC has reached 31,147,778 students and counting. It provides a way to enhance learning and foster creativity both in terms of teachers and students,” Sgambelluri said.

The Bruins are sure to enjoy “Mi Biblioteca.”  


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