The Goose, chained up outside of VLA.

Wild goose chase


A detective’s work is never over.

This is Detective McCoy. This is a consort of the current evidence and information I have regarding the situation with our missing subject, The Goose. I am writing this on day 18 of The Chase, and still, we have received just crude, minute clues leading to any suspects. As a result, many of our current targets are based on inferences and suspicion.

Currently, we have received only seven tips, but none of them have guided me to any strong leads. What I know now is not where the goose is, but where it has been.

“We have seven different photos of the goose in different places. The goose has traveled to the lake, cornfields, a Halloween Fest, a tattoo shop, Starbucks, and a cozy fireplace.  Each note has, what appears to be, children’s handwriting on it,” Amy Jackson, VLA instructor, said.

Whoever has the goose must really like traveling. None of those locations seemed connected to my veteran eye, until recently.

One suspect high on my list is Erin Parker, a very active person in the high school. She can be seen in various locations around the school during the day, so naturally, she would be able to snatch The Goose. She is known for being a source of humor in the building, leading me to believe that she might have stolen The Goose as a prank. She has even been spotted at some of the locations The Goose has been pegged at.

“I was framed for the goose theft. I walked into the copy room one day to find wanted pictures of me hanging up. Someone had posed the goose in front of a cornfield, a place in which I worked this summer, and in front of Starbucks, a place in which I am known to frequent almost daily. The perpetrator knew that the VLA staff would believe it was me with those clues. I did not and would not steal the goose,” Parker said.

Winning The Goose has tremendous value, making the return of The Goose and the identification of the thief that much more important.

“The goose represents the pride we have in LPHS. I believe the VLA room did a wonderful job in creating a Homecoming door that represented our theme, 150 years-Our Story Is Still Unfolding,” Betty Carpenter, VLA assistant, said.

The only clues I have to go off of now are the written ones. At the moment, VLA has received two ransom note. The first reads, “Your goose is fine await our ransom note.” The second reads “For Goose’s safe return deliver 60 cookies to Officer McCoy Wed a.m.”

Along with VLA, I have decided to play along. We have delivered 60 Cookie Crisps to Officer McCoy in hopes of information on The Goose.



This is Detective McCoy. I have here an update concerning the situation with our missing subject, The Goose. I am writing this on day 19 of The Chase, and a major development has occurred: The Goose has returned! It was returned to the pot outside of B.11 during fourth hour today.

Mrs. McCoy heard the commotion beyond the door and informed Mrs. Jackson, who was not very hesitant to rush out the door after the culprit. Unfortunately, she was not able to catch the suspect or identify him aside from the fact that he was on the wrestling team. I have, in conjunction with Mrs. Jackson, begun to investigate the roster in hopes of identifying him. We do know, however, that the student must have been someone along the lines of a middleman, completing tasks for another teacher. Subsequently, many of our original suspects are still up for investigation.

If you have any information regarding The Goose’s thief or who returned it, please contact Amy Jackson at [email protected]. Any and all tips are welcome.

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