Are we too old to trick-or-treat?


There’s a spooky feeling going throughout the halls of La Porte High School.  

It’s a feeling that’s characterized by jack o’ lanterns, costumes, and most of all, candy.  But is everyone entitled to this fabulous holiday? When is the line drawn between being too old for trick-or-treat and just the right age?

It’s an age old debate: Should teenagers be allowed to trick-or-treat?  On the one hand, some would say that teenagers are too old for the occasion, while others would argue that they’re all kids and deserve to have fun getting candy and hanging with friends.

“There are a lot of bad people out there putting drugs in candy, and then, they’re are people with some really inappropriate costumes,”  Miguel Jaime, sophomore student, said. “So yes and no because it’s the only time you can get candy.”

Not all students are as neutral as Jaime though. Jill Maudlin, another sophomore student, had a very different opinion. 

“Yeah.  Why not?  It’s fun,”  Maudlin said, only agreeing that those partaking in inappropriate behavior should be banned from trick-or-treating.

The argument has many factors and opposing viewpoints to it that all add up to an interesting debate of youth vs elder.

Some adults most fond memories are of them going out with their friends, traveling house to house for candy, soaking in the haunting atmosphere and feeling.  It’s an experience that can’t be replicated.

“Sure,” Mrs. Mendez, Ceramics teacher said. “Would you rather they be doing that then other mischievous things?”

On the other hand, crime rates do see a increase on Halloween according to a CBS report. Most of these acts are committed by people older than the age of 12. Banning them Halloween would make the holiday less stressful for residents and officers. However, these occurrences are rare.

Having teenagers participate in trick-or-treat, like all things, has its ups and downs.  But at the end of the day, shouldn’t responsible individuals be able to have fun?



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