Rosenbaum: All heart


A great teacher isn’t just someone who teaches the material. It is someone who pours every ounce of her heart into her job, someone who is compassionate, patient, and always concerned about students’ well being. To many people, that someone is Ms. Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum, a former Slicer graduate, is in her fifth year as an eighth grade English teacher at Kesling Middle School. She also is an assistant coach for the LPHS Softball team.

Rosenbaum knew education was in her future at a young age. She spent her childhood playing “teacher” with her little sister or actually helping ing her when she needed assistance on school work. It always brought a smile to her face.

Rosenbaum chose to teach English because she often spends her free time reading and writing. She has always enjoyed sitting down and getting lost in a book and also finds writing as a major stress reliever for her.

The one part of teaching that won her heart over, however, is the kids. She loves the constant thrill of being kept on her toes everyday.

“I never know what they are going to say or do. I learn something new from them everyday,” Rosenbaum said.

There are many aspects  that Rosenbaum enjoys about being a teacher, but her absolute favorite part is having the ability to help kids with their problems.

“I like being someone that kids can talk to or confide in with whatever they are going through,” Rosenbaum said. “I think it’s so important for kids to have an adult they trust at this age, and I love being that person for some of them.”

Ms. Rosenbaum loves her students, and her students love her.

“Ms. Rosenbaum is one of the kindest people, and she is always very supportive, understanding, and helpful. She is so cheery and creates a positive atmosphere around her,” Becca Marxman, former student and LPHS softball player, said.

Not only does Rosenbaum have a love for teaching, but she has recently discovered her passion for coaching as well. She spends her spring coaching middle school cross country and is an assistant coach for the LPHS Softball team.

Outside of school, one of Rosenbaum’s favorite hobbies is running. She looks forward to going on a run everyday with her chocolate lab after she gets home from school.

Teaching can be a tough job. The great teachers show up and give their all despite the difficulty. Rosenbaum does just that, and she does it with every ounce of her heart.

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