In Memory of Stan Lee


Death of a legend,


Stan Lee, the co and/or chief creator of such classic fiction characters Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the Fantastic Four, passed away on November 13th.  Many are in shock, frozen in its place, mourning the death not only a creative mastermind, but a true hero in of himself.


The accomplishments of this man need no explanation.  His biggest achievement was defining Marvel with his numerous creations and characters.  This led to the marvel cinematic universe, a collection of interconnected movies that have grossed billions at the box office, topping the likes of Star Wars and Jurassic Park.


“It’s actually a very important part of my last few years of high school,” Drew Lipscomb, Junior student, said “because, it’s stressful.  Marvel has kind of been an outlet for me and my friends to relate, to go to at the end of the day to destress and have a little bit of fun.”


Now that Lee is gone, people of all ages not only mourn Stan Lee for his accomplishments, but also his personality.


“He was incredible.  I always looked up to him, to his creativity, especially, just, having the ideas he did for everything, and making them a reality,”  Ayden Morros, sophomore student, said.


Stan could have been called a hero himself, serving in the military in 1942.  At first, he worked on repairing telegraph poles and other communication equipment in Signal Corps.  He later moved onto the Training Film Division, where he worked on manuals, advertising, and other similar fields.


The comics created by the chief editor of Marvel defined multiple generations, and his creations can be seen affecting young people even today.


“This sounds a little radical to say,” Lipscomb continued, “ ‘I wouldn’t be myself without it,’ but seriously, I don’t know what I would be doing, if not, worshipping Marvel characters.”


Perhaps Stan Lee will just be remembered to the public as “that one old guy who kept cameoing in the Marvel movies,” but to true believers and comic fans, he will always be known as the man who defined comics and a generation of America.


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