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Slicer Champions inspire student success

Slicer Champions inspire student success


Every student deserves to have someone in his or her corner. LPHS is making sure students have that with the LPHS Slicer Champions Mentoring Program.

The program piloted in March of 2017 and was developed by Sara Fine, District Attendance Officer, and Bert Sappenfield, program coordinator. As of right now, Boston Middle School, Kesling Middle School, and LaPorte High School have the program in action.

The Slicer Champions Mentoring Program brings important awareness to students’ mentality and helps them prioritize school success, learn to problem-solve, set goals, and build self-esteem.

Operations of the program are currently a one-to-one basis. One student is placed with one adult, who they build strong relationships with. This young program has still made a huge impact with not only students, but adults also. The main goal is to create multi-year relationships because study shows the longer the relationship the better the outcomes for students.

Not only are these students in search of better school development, but they are also in need of support with growth, academic outcomes, and a caring community member.

Immense growth in not only students, but mentors too, has been seen over the span of this program. People who run the Slicer Champions Mentoring Program have measured data on program satisfaction including academic, attendance, and discipline outcomes for each student involved.  

“We love seeing the relationships develop and the individual impact of having a caring adult in the students’ lives that no hard data can capture,” Julia Sinclair, program co-coordinator, said.

A main goal that staff hopes to achieve is reaching 75 student-to-mentor matches. At the end of 2018, the program had about 33 pairs and currently has 50, but with the progress already being made, there is no doubt that this goal can be achieved.

With spread of word throughout the community and posts on online sites, the program will be able to receive the full recognition it deserves. A year-end celebration video was put together to picture of a few of their success stories, and you can check it out on  their website.

All in all, the Slicer Champions Mentoring Program is a great way to help evolve the community and help those who are in search of better development. Anyone interested in being a mentor can apply on the site as well.


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