2018 AP Government mock elections


The LaPorte High School AP (Advanced Placement) Government class put together a mock election in honor of this year’s midterm election.

Both classes participated with the classes being divided into two sides. Each side then chose two “candidates” who would run for the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In the first class, Brianna Kehoe (House) and Michael Easley (Senate) ran against Katie Schoof (House) and Jayton Taylor (Senate). In the second class, Jocelynn Coleman (House) and Emerson Easton (Senate) ran against Kara Cooper (House) and Zach Eason (Senate).

Each side also had a campaign manager, press secretaries, media consultants, policy advisers, pollsters, and technology directors.

Candidates and their election committees were responsible for putting together posters, videos, social media posts, and attacks against the opposing sides. Students were also required to find three endorsements from staff members and two from students.

Students were given four class periods to gather their materials and do their campaigning. Election day was held on November 20th from 7 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. for all LPHS staff and students to vote.

“The government mock elections were a great experience that taught me a lot about what goes into campaigning and candidacy,” Coleman said.

Students were given a great example of what goes into putting together a campaign, and they were able to experience the hard work and stress that goes into it. Overall, students enjoyed completing the assignment, and other students and staff were pleased to take their part in the election.

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