Bringing the Pep


The La Porte High School Pep Band is back in action, once again bringing high energy and positivity to Slicer Gym.

The Pep Band, led by Mr. Sullivan, started its season up on November 30th with the eighth grade Boston band. Drew Lipscomb and Delaney Bluhm were named Cheer Leaders for the new season.

“Friday night was my first time leading our pep band in cheers. We brought some incredible energy,”Lipscomb, junior, said. “The entire time we were out there, I definitely felt like we never gave up and kept up the excitement.”

Many can agree that the Slicer Gym doesn’t feel complete without the excitement of the Pep Band.

“It [the Pep Band] is the environment. If the Pep Band is loud and cheering, then the players are more energized,” Mrs. Cooper, teacher and parent to a former Slicer basketball player, said.

The Pep Band is known for bringing high energy and exciting music to both girls and boys basketball games. In total, the Pep Band plays at four games, for each team- both boys and girls- and every basketball game is filled with zest from the stands.

“I think it is important to bring the volume level up. Either by playing or cheering. Adding us gives the place a lot more volume,” Sullivan said.

The Pep Band works hard to keep the basketball team hyped up throughout the game.

“During the timeouts, if the team is down or holding their heads down, as soon as the Pep Band starts playing, we immediately feel more energized,” Lanti Biggers, sophomore basketball player, said.

Pep Band is made up of students in grades 8-12. Students sign up through the directors. The band rehearses a couple days about a month before their debut in the Slicer stands. Before each game, the Pep Band does a brief rehearsal, then they head up to entertain the crowd.

The next basketball game that the LPHS Pep Band will play at will be January 8.

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