Kesling introduces peer-tutoring


Kesling Middle School students have recently began a new initiative that allows Komets to serve as peer tutors for their classrooms.

Over 30 students, all with strong grades, volunteer to tutor other students who are struggling in certain subjects. Tutoring takes place in the morning during their homeroom period as well as during afternoon success periods on Thursdays.

Tutors and their partners were determined by different faculty members at KMS, and pairs were thoroughly thought through before final partners were matched.

“We talked as a team on which personalities would mesh well together. We avoided making a partnership out of people who were already close friends that way they could focus on learning instead of the social aspect of their relationship. We did make a few exceptions for kids who might have felt threatened by someone they were not close with,” Brenda Yuste-Gonzalez, KMS teacher, said.

The idea of peer-tutoring originally came from past success in having strong students sit down one-to-one with struggling students.

“This helps them get the one on one attention that is not always available from teachers,” Yuste-Gonzalez said.

Students have already found peer-tutoring to be helpful, and other students have began asking for a tutor after hearing about the success it has brought. With a greater ratio of kids to tutors, a waiting list has been created for students looking for a peer’s assistance.

The program is hoped to be continued for as long as it is needed. As students are tutored, the partners also building bonds and creating new friendships.

“It’s a program that gives every participant a benefit,” Yuste-Gonzalez said.

Parents or students with questions can contact Yuste-Gonzalez at [email protected]


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