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Plymouth Speech Tournament

Plymouth Speech Tournament

December 18, 2018


The competition is real


Five of LaPorte’s best Speech members–Freshmen Carter Sacks, Grant Waterson, and Breanna Wilson and sophomore Alex Kring, and Senior Kamui Mitchell–embarked on a bus trip, early in the morning to Plymouth to compete in one of the last speech tournaments of the season on December 8th.


The competition was grueling, with a lack of judges and off-putting round placement, it was a frustrating experience for most, but the effort paid off, with LaPorte landing a few wins in different categories.  Mitchell (Broadcasting) and Waterson (Discussion) doing particularly well, coming out first place in one of each of their rounds.


“I think I did really well,” Grant Waterson, novice discussion member, said.


Waterson and Mitchell weren’t the only ones that improved though.  All speech team members have challenged themselves to get better and reach new heights in terms of quality.  All under the guidance of Baugh and Wszolek.


“It’s just like every other year, you get out what you put it, and I think this year, it, kind of has been the same.” Mr. Wszolek, Speech coach, said.


Speech has given many students a sense of family and belonging.  Not only do students improve their skills and language as a person, but they also meet new people of many different backgrounds and origins. Speech connects everyone, and that shows in the members and their bond. Carter Sacks, another novice member gave a passionate quote.


“It’s a fun class.  It helps your presentation skills,”  Sacks said. He plans to return to the art next year.


The fun isn’t over yet though. Even though the class is over, there are a handful of speech tournaments left for the group to compete in around the state.  Any students interested in taking Speech next should visit Wszolek or Baugh for more information


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