Boston Builder’s Club


Boston Builder’s Club has been making a difference throughout the community with its community service with a smile.

Builder’s Club was first introduced to Boston in 2017. The club is a middle school spin off of the Kiwanis Organization, which focuses on giving back through service.

Holly Welsh, seventh-grade social studies teacher at Boston, helped get this club up and running, and she is helped by fellow Bruin educator Jamie Vincent.

Builder’s Club is giving kids a chance to make a difference and practice leadership. The club is student led, giving these Bruins a chance to use their voice and their problem-solving skills.

“We explore together the needs in our community, and then we brainstorm together to come up with solutions,” Welsh said.

Builder’s Club has participated in over 1,000 hours of service through events within the community, which gives Welsh and Vincent such pride knowing these young leaders have and continue to leave their mark on La Porte.

“The impact that these young adults have made on La Porte is astounding,” Welsh said.

Some events that Builder’s Club has volunteered in are Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, La Porte Youth Leadership Conference, Safe Sitters, and are even serving as holiday elves by wrapping present for Boston staff members for free.

One event that has been most memorable to Mrs. Welsh’s that the Builder’s Club took part in was the Our Youth Leadership Conference. This conference brought students from both schools–Boston and Kesling–together for a day of training where they learned about leadership.

“It has and will continue to be a great source of pride for me personally as well as Builder’s Club,” Welsh said.

As Builder’s club gains more attention, students encourage others to join and see all the club has to offer.

“I decided to join Builder’s Club because I love helping people and it warms my heart to see people smile,” Reghan Penzoil, seventh grade Builder’s Club member, said.

Builder’s Club gives students the freedom to work together and lead community service projects. It is a great opportunity because most clubs do not give students a chance to take things into their own hands.

“I really like how they let us take control of the projects we do. They let us think of the ideas for the projects,” Abbey Schreeg, seventh-grade member, said.

Builder’s Club continues to make several positive contributions through volunteer work. Mrs. Welsh feels strongly that age does not have to do with making a difference.

“We work to create student leaders with hearts for service that know, regardless of age they can make a difference.”

Builder’s Club is growing the new generation of leaders that are going to do big things within their community. These kids are getting the chance to start helping out at such a young age all because of the endless opportunities the club has granted them.

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