Storytime with Lin


Often times, one’s senior year will either cut down on activities and workload in order to have a less stressful end to the high school experience. However, not all students choose this approach.

A standout example of a Slicer student going above and beyond during her senior year is Tiffany Lin. Lin is not only a stand out academic, but also recently began her own early development program at the LaPorte County Public Library.

“My internship included creating a four-part storytime. After a weeks of brainstorming, this theme grabbed my attention as it is a very popular theme of this year; I saw unicorn earrings, a unicorn decorated bag, mermaid cupcakes, etc.,” Lin said.

Starting an initiative such as this one wasn’t simple but rather required a fair amount of research and preparation in order to proceed smoothly.

“After coming up with this idea, I chose specific ‘Mythical Magical’ creatures for each storytime: Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids, and Giants. Then, I chose three books, three songs/rhymes, and created a activity for each. It took hours to find the best books and rhymes as well as a lot of time to put everything together into one slideshow and one thirty minute storytime,” Lin said.

A major focus of Lin’s program is the success and education of the children in mind, something that she enjoys seeing.

“My favorite part of my program is helping the kids after the stories and rhymes complete the craft/activity I created. It makes me feel so happy to see the kids feel excited and accomplished after their activity. I enjoyed preparing for each storytime the most,” Lin said.

Alongside her early development program, Lin is involved in various organizations within LPHS.

“At the high school, I have participated in Student Council [as the secretary], Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, girl’s tennis, and the Horizon Bank internship,” Lin said.

As a result of her hard efforts, Lin has a bright future ahead of her.

“After high school, I am planning on going to a college with a strong business program. Right now, I am looking at IU’s Kelley School of Business, which I’ve already been accepted to as a Direct Admit, as well as NYU’s Stern School of Business,” Lin said.

Lin is a role model for both current and future Slicer graduates because of her academic and extracurricular successes.

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