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Neely thrives in the Windy City

Neely thrives in the Windy City


Former Slicer Heather Neely is taking big steps in advancing her future in Property Management, and her work ethic is leading to amazing opportunities.

In the summer of 2018, Neely had just finished her second year of college and was looking for places to conduct an official internship. That’s when she participated in Face-To-Face, a networking event with several property management companies, and was introduced to Trinity Properties Consultants.

After having a one-on-one interview with them, they extended an internship offer that would place her at a luxurious apartment right in the heart of Chicago.

Her main position at the branch was to job shadow the Property Manager, Carlos Durand, but unfortunately he left only two weeks in after being offered a better job elsewhere. This put Neely in a tight position because she had only had a few weeks of training and was not prepared to be on her own so quickly.

However, Neely adapted in no time and took charge. Soon enough she was working alongside the regional manager, Lori Jones, in leading the office and making important decisions that the property manager would normally make.

“Losing our property manager was a shock to me. I was the only one left in the office, alongside the maintenance technicians, and had to step up until Trinity could fill the new manager position,” Neely said.

After being without a manager for the next eight weeks, Neely grew and found out what she was capable of. This helped her reach the conclusion that property management was her passion.

“Only nine schools in the country have Residential Property Management as a major, and I just happened to have fallen into it while pursuing my major in Criminal Justice.”

This was an eye-opening experience for Neely, and when asked about the choice to switch majors, she claims it was the best decision she has ever made.

Trinity Property Consultants has extended Neely another internship opportunity for this summer. This time she will be placed in a different luxurious apartment in Chicago with double the units than the first.

Neely plans to graduate in Fall of 2019 and move forward with a property management career.



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