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Once a Slicer always a Slicer: Sammi Cains – Class of 2007

Once a Slicer always a Slicer: Sammi Cains – Class of 2007


Former Slicer Sammi Cains has been making a name in the film industry.

Many Slicer graduates take journeys far and wide once leaving LPHS. For one in particular, she had found herself venturing to the Big Apple and the City of Angels, following and chasing her dreams.

Having worked for Paramount, Sony, and currently CBS, Cains has extensive experience the making, producing, and writing entertainment, even working on the the hit Amazon show “The Dangerous Book For Boys” as a showrunner’s assistant.

Even with this extensive resume already, Cains has many goals set for her future, including becoming a chief writer.

“My big hope for the future is to move up from being a writer’s assistant to a writer,” Cains said. “In my free time, I am building out a portfolio of my work – scripts to show people and to submit to script competitions and film festivals in an effort to prove myself capable of the job.”

The road to the top has been slow and and taxing, with Cains taking up many small tasks and jobs everyday, like as an assistant at Sony Pictures Television, answering calls and scheduling meetings, or proofreading scripts and papers as the assistant showrunner to “The Dangerous Book For Boys,” which happens to be her favorite project so far.

This life is not always as glamorous as some people make it out to be. Work is sometimes hard to come by, and Cains had to pick up various odd jobs to keep her where she needed to be to make her dreams come true.

Cains moved to New York City initially after finishing up her college degree at Ball State, but she moved to Los Angeles in hopes of putting her writing skills to work. Her talent has landed her in prestigious media outlets.

Cains’ love for the stage was evident long ago during her time at LaPorte High School. While at LPHS, Cains participated in choir, theater, and was president of her class sophomore, junior, and senior year.  

Her time at the high school molded her into the person she is today. Mr. Fruth, retired English teacher, in particular gave her “a nice chunk” of her confidence in herself and writing, which now is what she spends her days doing. At LaPorte, Cains learned the fun and importance of teamwork and found that the clubs she took in school where the careers she wished to pursue later in life.

The passion for the stage and screen continued well into college, where she studied acting, learning invaluable lessons and creating relationships that impact her still today.

Not only is Cains a successful individual, she is also someone who all Slicer students can model themselves after, proving that people can chase a career in anything, love what they do, and still support themselves.

“If you love the arts and want to make a career out of it but it feels like such an out there, impossible fantasy because you live in a small town in rural Indiana… I’m proof it’s possible.” ”

— Sammi Cains

Goals and obstacles can seem overwhelming and hard, especially when facing a career in the arts. But fear not, as now there is a guide to follow, a voice to listen to. Slicers, look no further than Sammi Cains.

“My advice to all of the students at LaPorte High School would be to take risks!” Cains said. “If there’s something you think you can’t do, prove yourself wrong!”  


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