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First Theatre Performance

First Theatre Performance


The LPHS Musical Theatre class puts on its first performance, during mid-December, in the Performing Arts Center.

Students were tasked with learning and performing a musical theater piece. Slicers jumped right in to the task, perfecting their songs for the stage. Mr. Coe, Musical Theatre teacher, did not just want students to perform for their classmates, so the class put on a show for family, friends, and community members.

It’s been months of training and practice to preparing for the first big show. The effort has paid off in an experience that most of the members will never forget.

“Once the class got rolling, it was really fun.”  Tori Satchwell, sophomore student, said. “Yes, it’s been very exhausting, but I feel like everyone has grown as a performer.  Everyone’s acting and singing abilities have really improved, and I hope that gets showcased in the show!”

While it was a good experience for the students, Coe found the new schedule with shorter periods to be taxing on the performers.

“Teaching on the new schedule has been very challenging.  There isn’t enough time to get everything done that we need to for performances.” Coe wrote.

Still, despite the struggle to maintain consistent practicing and progress, Coe is still excited for the play.

“I think it will go OK.  I also think it’s going to be an eye opening experience for some of ‘less seasoned’ performers.”

The entire cast gave strong performances, with performers like Demira Hunter, shining in her Percy Jackson piece, “My Grand Plan.” And Stephanie Komasinski, giving a great performance in “There’s a Fine, Fine Line”.

“I feel like it went pretty good for the situation we were in.” Komasinski said, “Because, we didn’t have enough time I feel like, but we all did really good.”

Coe was right about new stage, it really highlights the actor’s performances, giving the whole show a larger than life feel.  The colors vibrate off the stage and flush the audience into the world the students are creating.

Don’t expect this to be the last performance though, as Mr. Coe has plans to put on lots more shows and specials, saying that he would love to do “Kiss Me Kate”.  

If the shows are anything like the one that was performed recently, then LaPorte is in for a new, exciting age of theatre performance. 

If anybody would like to join Musical Theatre, sign up for the class next year when picking schedules.


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