Patience is a virtue


Some of the most memorable teachers are those with funny or unique quirks or those who are loud and vivacious. One teacher stands above the rest, however; and many may not even hear him speak when he passes in the hallways.

Mr. Eason is a health and Physical Education teacher at La Porte High School. He began teaching in 1990 in Texas. His passion for education was inspired early on.

“I had a great math teacher, Mr. Dixon, who really pushed me in high school,” Eason said.

Eason is an observant and sympathetic educator.

“I enjoy seeing the change/growth of students over the years at LPHS,” Eason said.

Eason wears many hats besides “teacher.” He is a coach for the freshman volleyball team and also officiates hockey at the Ice Box at Notre Dame.

“I can’t think of a coach [that is] more motivating, patient, and inspirational as Coach Eason. He is truly one of the best coaches ever, and I am so grateful to have been coached by him. He always stays positive and continues to support others,” Junior Kennedy Land said.

Eason holds many memories of LPHS dear to his heart, but his favorites are special to him.

“[My favorite memories are] watching my children’s’ progress and activities at LPHS,” Eason said.

When it comes to work ethic and values, Eason has truthful advice for his students.

“Be honest and a hard working individual, even when you have obstacles in your life,” Eason said.

And as for future educators, Eason has similar positive advice.

“Be flexible and understanding with your teaching style among your students,” Eason said.

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