Little Chocolates’ big success


Little Chocolates, one of La Porte’s best family owned businesses has been extra busy making delicious chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

The Little family started their love for making candy back in 2009. They made candy regularly for friends and family, and before they knew it, people were calling asking to buy candy because it was divine. Since they were already making an immense amount of chocolates, they decided to transform their family candy making at home to a real candy store.

The candy store, Little Chocolates, opened in October of 2010. They chose to open in La Porte because they already lived here, and the customers who had reached out to buy candy in the past lived in La Porte, too.

When they first decided to open the chocolate shop, the man who rented the building to them had his doubts. No one had ever had a business in the building before, so he wasn’t sure how it would work but nine years later Little Chocolates is still up and running.

In 2015, they decided to open another store in Valparaiso, but it wasn’t as big of a hit as the La Porte store, and they ended up closing two years later. Besides, since the family-owned business had to travel the distance from La Porte all the way to Valparaiso, it made it hard on the family.

They have recently made a website Their goal is to grow the online business before opening another store, which will hopefully happen within the next few years.

Out of all the chocolates in the shop, the most popular candies are the turtles and mint meltaways. They have a variety of truffles and cremes, which are also very popular, but the caramel candy is Little Chocolates’ speciality.

Little Chocolates takes pride in the feedback they receive from their customers.

“We have been told by lots of customers who have traveled all over the world that our candy is the best they have ever had,” Tina Little, founder of Little Chocolates, said.

Little Chocolates is amazed by all of the positive comments they have acquired.

“I don’t know what we do other than make candy the best and freshest we can,” Tina Little said.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing goodies from Little Chocolates, they are located on 916 1st Street in La Porte, or give them a call at  (219) 369-6430.

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