Bridging the school and parent communities


A prioritized goal of La Porte Community School Corporation is transparency with the parent and family community. In an effort to continue LPCSC has instituted an online newspaper, social media pages and teams, and regular parent outreach events.

A new and unique initiative the LPCSC has undertaken this year to continue in this direction is the Parent Resource Services Coordinator position at Hailmann elementary and Lincoln elementary.

“The Family Resource Services Coordinator serves as a liaison between the schools, families and community. He serves as a ‘voice’ for parents to assist with the gathering information and gaining answers to questions that they may not have asked for numerous reasons,” Dr. Jane Larson, assistant superintendent of secondary education, said.  

Filling the position for this school year is Mario Rosa. Rosa has been an influential member of the La Porte community for decades and is a qualified candidate for this position.

“My tasks/responsibilities are primarily to engage and provide resources to our parents and to help them as they work to become more involved in their children’s school life. I find that most parents are very appreciative of having a ‘go-to’ person in their search for the necessary resources they need to help their children succeed,” Rosa said.

Rosa has already had a great impact on these schools’ communities, especially ones where language barriers exist.

“I have seen an almost immediate impact in relations with the Hispanic community. I am bilingual, and as such, I have been able to freely communicate with those families that are learning the English language,” Rosa said.

Mr. Rosa has had a great effect on other aspects of the school community as well.

“He has already had several meetings with parents and coordinated training and events for families. On the eLearning day, Mr. Rosa visited our local libraries to talk with students and their parents who chose to do their work at the library. He has visited many businesses located in the communities around these schools to share information about upcoming events. He is currently coordinating events to speak to our community in churches and other locations,” Larson said.

As a result of the great success Mr. Rosa has had in the current position, the administration is looking at adding more positions like his around the corporation.

“Mr. Rosa is gathering information on our district needs which will be used to determine the expansion of these services throughout the district,” Larson said.

As Mr. Rosa continues to be successful in bridging the school and parent communities, he paves the way for more transparency and effective communication for all involved.

“I am looking forward to providing more resources and opportunities for our students, parents, staff, and community,” Rosa said.

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