Scholarship opportunities for LPHS seniors


LaPorte High School seniors have been given the opportunity to earn money for college through many different local scholarships from around La Porte County.

Local scholarship packets have been released with information regarding different scholarships for graduating seniors and how to apply for them. 47 scholarships are available for students to apply for, assuming students meet each scholarship’s requirements.

Scholarship eligibility is different for each student depending on the schools they attended, the activities they have participated in, and the subjects they will be majoring in throughout college. While some only require a basic application to be turned in, some require an essay or addendum to be turned in with them.

“The scholarship opportunities are great for students planning to go to college, and they are a great way for seniors to get around out in the community through the essays they write for their applications,” Jaden Conrad, senior, said.

Scholarship amounts differ, but as prices of a college education continue growing, seniors find any assistance to be helpful. Some scholarships award up to $2,000.

Students who receive a scholarship will attend an evening awards program on Thursday, May 2nd.

The Unity Foundation has also provided many opportunities for students to earn funds for college. With requirements listed, the website is easily navigable, and, depending on those chosen, scholarships can be applied for in as little as 10 minutes.

To fill out applications for Unity Foundation scholarships, seniors can visit

La Porte High School counselors have also shared a website, Going Merry, which provides hundreds of scholarships available to seniors around the country. Though many are dependent on the major of the individual, students can limit their options down to those which suit them best by completing a profile on the website.

Scholarship amounts vary, and some may require an essay or personal statement to be written. All scholarships can be further looked into at

With the high cost of a college education, seniors continue searching for any financial assistance they can find. With the assistance of generous donors and foundations, La Porte High School is aiming to keep it’s seniors on the right track.

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