Perez wrestles his way to State



Senior wrestler Noah Perez competed in the IHSAA Wrestling State Tournament on February 15th.

In his first match at the tournament, Perez was eventually pinned by Edgewood senior Levon Bellamy in a hard-fought match.

Perez’ road to State has been a hard fought one, with years of practice and training to become the wrestler he is today. He began wrestling when he was in the 6th grade and has been improving his skill in the sport he loves ever since.

“I think I’ve improved a lot, especially technically because freshman year I tried to muscle everything, but now I’m try to be more technically sound with my wrestling,” Perez said.

Perez attributes much of his talent and improvement to his coaches, including wrestling coach and physical education teacher Mr. Kuzdas. Perez’ coaches are one of the many reasons why he ended up participating in the State tournament due to their dedication.

“They really help, you know. They’ll watch my film, and they pick out the little things that I do wrong, and then they work with me all week so I can win my matches,” Perez said.

Along with his wrestling success, Perez has been able to develop great friendships and relationships through the sport.

“It’s really brought me closer to a lot of people, people that I normally wouldn’t have thought I would friends with,” Perez said. “The team just creates a bond because you’re all going through the same grind.”

Perez has received high praise from not only students and teachers here at LaPorte High School, but also his coaches, including Mr. Kuzdas, who believes his success comes from not only his work ethic, but his build.

“I think he’s just an athlete. A lot of wrestlers base their work on technique, a lot of them base it on strength, but Noah is just a great athlete all-around,” Kuzdas said.

Since it is Perez’ senior year, his tenure at LaPorte High School will be coming to an end. His athletic ability and talent in wrestling will be visibly missed by many, and his legendary career including 101 wins, a DAC championship, two trips to Semi-State, and an Al Smith place win.

“I wish he was younger, so I could use him again next year,” Kuzdas said.

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