Engaging spirit: Tockert creates positive environment at BMS


There is a great collection of teachers who educate the halls of Boston Middle School, and one of the best is undoubtedly Mrs. Tockert.

Tockert is an eighth grade English teacher who has touched the lives of hundreds of students with her vibrant and sophisticated personality.

“She was probably the most engaging language arts teacher in middle school,” Victor Sirugo, former student, said. “What set her apart from other teachers was her astute ability to see what areas her students struggled in and then helped them to improve those skills.”

Tockert became a teacher because of her ability to engage with the younger crowd. They both energize and entertain Tockert. She views English as an important tool that all growing individuals should master.

“I think that being able to communicate through writing is an essential skill that all people need. It is a powerful tool that can enable people to achieve their goals,” Tockert said.

While she has a good amount of competition, few would argue that Tockert’s personality and craft make her one of the best teachers in Boston. Able to form strong relationships with her students, she has the ability to make students invested in subjects they’d never care about otherwise.

“The students are my favorite part! Being able to interact and develop relationships with students is by far the most enjoyable part of my day,” Tockert said.

That’s not to say the adults aren’t enjoyable either. Tockert, too, has strong relationships with the other teachers and coworkers. She was blessed to work with people who care about the welfare of students as much as her.

Middle school students aren’t the only demographic Tockert would like to reach, as she has expressed interest in joining the high school. Keep an eye out for her; she could be teaching here one of these days.

For most students who were taught by Tockert, they were given an unforgettable experience: a class full of daring presentations, pages of literature, and a fun atmosphere that will engross anyone into the subject.

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