A recent trend in Hollywood has been nostalgia.  Everyone wants to relive the past whether it be E.T. flying across the sky in a bike or Freddy Krueger scratching the walls in a dream.

Now Aladdin is the next property to follow suit, getting a live action remake directed by Guy Richtie on May 24th.  While most were already hesitant towards this new interpretation of the original classic, the trailer released during the grammys cementified their fear.

Specifically one element, the main attraction of Aladdin and the thing most would be excited for, the Genie.  News that Will Smith was playing the titular character left people lukewarm. While the actor is known for his role in classic films such as I Am Legend, Men In Black, and Independence Day, lately he’s been starring in blunders such as Suicide Squad and Bright.  And his most recent appearance on Youtube Rewind didn’t do him any favors as well.

But no one was prepared for the monstrosity that awaited them when the Aladdin trailer came to an end.  The cliffhanger, the big reveal of the Genie that was supposed to leave the audience in excitement and anticipation only left them in shock and horror as they gazed upon a deformed, smurf-like creature with the voice and likeness of Smith.

The overall design is an odd mixture of real life and the zany cartoon, and the result is hideous.  The the skin of the Genie looking rubbery and unfinished and his movements coming as cross as stiff and disjointed.  The animation already doesn’t hold a candle to what was done over twenty years ago.

The abomination put on screen before us is just recent example of an incessant need in Hollywood to remake everything.  There is a lack of risk seen today in executives and businesses that are afraid to tackle original scripts and ideas. Instead they opt for remaking a beloved property giving minimal effort to the final product.

The result is seven times out of ten a undercooked and underwhelming film that disrespects the legacy of the item it was based off of.  Some that come to mind are the remakes of Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Arthur.

Though some can be good, such as Scarface, The Thing, and King Kong.  There is simply a fatigue in the movie genre to these rehashes and the only cure is for more original ideas and movies.  Until then cinema goers will just continue to be bored with every trailer, snippet, and showing.

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