2019 FFA Week


LaPorte High School hosted this year’s FFA week January 18th through 22nd.

With a week full of events, students throughout the school were able to participate in activities led by the LPHS FFA members. Between dressing up for each day’s themes and attending a successful petting zoo, Slicers were treated to a great week.

On Monday, January 18th, students dressed in camo from head to toe. Tuesday was “America Day,” and Wednesday students were given the opportunity to wear a hat during the school day by bringing in a canned food donation for the PAX Center. On Thursday, students dressed in blue and gold, and Friday was flannel day.

“The hat day donations was a great idea and a great way for us to give back to our community and help out the PAX Center,” Kate Kazmierzak, senior FFA member, said.

On Thursday, members of FFA put together an indoor petting zoo for classes to attend throughout the day. Goats, cows, pigs, and rabbits were some of the animals that students were able to interact with, though a common favorite was not an animal often found in petting zoos.

Students had the opportunity to donate one dollar to pet dogs located in a separate room. All money collected went to the local animal shelter.

“I think getting to pet the dogs was a nice addition because not everybody has pets at home. It wasn’t a typical petting zoo,” Jaden Conrad, senior, said.

In addition to raising money through petting dogs, students were able to put money in containers representing each FFA officer, as well as representing the teachers who run the LaPorte FFA. At the end of the day, the officers with the most money, Mr. Walker and Mr. Radke, in their container had to kiss one of the pigs at the zoo. Money collected through filling the containers went towards funding for FFA.

Overall, FFA Week was a success. Students throughout the school were able to enjoy the club for a week, and members plan to continue hosting events for years to come.

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