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Across The Pond

Across The Pond


There are a variety of cultures and civilizations around the world. From the grasslands of Africa to the snowy landslides of the Arctic, there’s a huge world to explore. One of those places is the busy streets of London.

It’s a place that Miss Baugh, LPHS English Teacher, was eager to visit with others. Due to that desire, she asked a small group of students to join her in a field trip to the big city sometime between mid June.

Baugh initially invited about 100 students to go last school year.  Each received a slip from her, offering to attend a meeting later on in the year. Those who decided to come were then given the rounddown about the trip.

They needed a passport and to give EF Educational Tours, the corporation funding the project, about a total of $6,000. This can be given to EF in small amounts up until they leave for the adventure.

The students going will also be joined by different schools and corporations, all going to experience the city across the pond.

They will be there for eight days. While in the city, the students will participate in a multitude of activities mainly relating to theatre, seeing plays such as Wicked and doing theatre workshop. The group will also go to many restaurants, trying popular British cuisine.  Overall they will be experiencing a culture to its fullest extent.

“I hope they feel more confident in themselves and become a better person,” Baugh said.

A lot of the students going are excited and ready for the trip. One of these individuals is sophomore student, Tori Satchwell, especially since she’s never been outside the country.

“The only things I know about London is from my grandma and British shows,” Satchwell said. She added. “I hope to learn about a different country and become a well rounded person.”

With the trip rapidly approaching, both Baugh and her students are ready for an adventure they will likely never forget.

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