Science Olympiad team advances to State


The La Porte High School 2019 Science Olympiad team has qualified to compete at State after an impressive competition on Saturday, February 16th.

Science Olympiad team members will travel to Indiana University in Bloomington on March 16th to finish their season. Team members include JP Collins, Wesley Owens, Remi Berrard, Alexis Ochoa, Alyssa Hudgens, Imanol Chavez, Jaden Millard, Richard Minor, Jill Maudlin, Kristen Luce, Hailey Joseph, Alissa Gambill, Rachel Bellah, Eva Groth, and Riya Verma.

During competition, groups of two or three work together to complete events in several categories including astronomy, chemistry, genetics, and fossils. Teams attempt paper-pencil tests, competitions with pre-built projects, labs where projects must be built, and mixes of all.

“I’ve been so impressed with how they just run with ideas and really work to get things done. Even when they feel they don’t know the answer or their project isn’t going to work, they don’t give up,” Mrs. Owens, Science Olympiad coach, said.

According to Owens, this year’s team has worked hard to learn more and compete stronger this year.

“We had many new members this year, new events, and students trying events they haven’t competed in before. They are learning to not just work on their own for their own event but they have been working well as a team, helping each other out and stepping up when someone is struggling or needs helps,” Owens said.

Being the first LPHS Science Olympiad team to advance to State, students were surprised to be announced fifth at Regionals, handing them the ticket to Bloomington.

“We were all so happy and excited. Being the first La Porte High School team to ever make it to Science Olympiad State is such a thrill,” Jaden Millard, junior team member, said.

Members of the team continue preparing to confidently bring their best competition this weekend.

“It finally sunk in just how much they do know and how hard they have worked. They are very excited to have a chance to go to state this year and have been working diligently to prepare,” Owens said.


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