Former Slicer creates scrunchie line

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Former Slicer creates scrunchie line

payton neely, staff writer

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Lauren Anglin’s scrunchies have taken the people of LP for a loop, but in the happiest and most exciting way possible.

Anglin started making her own scrunchies in October of 2018 as a Halloween accessory for her and her sister but soon found it became a passion. Her main spark for the scrunchie business was the fact that she had been constantly buying new scrunchies to fit the outfits she wore. Soon after, she came to the idea of selling them for fun, and since then, her small scrunchie business has turned into a big hit.

“I bought a scrunchie off HunterPersonalized, and I love it! It came in a well mannered time and is very good quality. I love all of the design options and would recommend her to all of my friends,” Karley Wajda, senior, said.

February is when Anglin decided to really pick it up. She has always been obsessed with scrunchies and wanted to officially start the project up again. While Anglin works most of the heavy load, her mother and sister are always there to help with little pieces making the process go a little smoother.

“I was buying scrunchies all the time because I wanted something fun and new to wear with every outfit, so from there on out I decided that if I learned how to make them I could make whatever kind I wanted,” Anglin said.

From start to finish, the scrunchies take around ten minutes with only herself making them, but with the help from her family, they can take as less as three minutes. Most of the supplies comes from the profit Anglin makes from selling the scrunchies; however, at the beginning, the money came out of her own pocket.

Scrunchies have left a large impact on Anglin’s life since the first time she stole her mother’s old ones from the ‘80s. Creating them with the girls in her family has brought herself, her mom, and her sister closer together.

“When we spend time together making them, it’s a meaningful time, and I would have to thank making scrunchies for that,” Anglin said.

All in all, while scrunchies are a working process, the amount of fun Anglin has and the relationships she builds make the struggles worth while.

If anyone would like to purchase a scrunchie or have any questions, Anglin can be contacted on Instagram at @hunterpersonalized and on Facebook at Hunter Personalized.

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