Mixing facts and feelings: Doty inspires at LPHS


Out of the many science teachers in LPHS, Biology teacher Mr. Doty has set himself apart in many ways. Whether it be his big win in the staff chili cook-off or the diverse ways he teaches and coaches his students, Doty knows how to bring fun into everything he does.

Doty hasn’t always lived in Northwest Indiana. He attended high school at Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana. After graduating from high school, he ventured off to college at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis with a major in Biology and a minor in Spanish.

When Doty started college, he wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do with his life. He had a few ideas, but he never was 100 percent sure which one to pursue. He started becoming set on attending a medical school, knowing he wanted to head down the science path; he just didn’t know what specifically about science interested him the most. After applying to medical schools and taking the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), Doty finally realized what he wanted to do: teach Biology.

Growing up, Doty was always intrigued by the little things in nature. He specifically remembers trying to name as many animals as he could, and if he didn’t remember them, he’d take time to learn more. As time went on, he began to shift his animal interest to the other parts of science.

“As I was growing up, all the weird medical shows that used to be on TV really opened my eyes to the world of biology,” Doty said.

Now, Doty teaches Honors Biology and Biology to freshmen at LPHS. This is his eighth year at La Porte, and he looks forward to most days because of the staff and students who make his job enjoyable. The students feel the same about him.

“Mr. Doty is always the most genuine and compassionate teacher towards his students. Whenever he begins to teach for the day, he is always so joyful and it makes it easier to pay attention in Biology,” Farrah Coddington, current freshman biology student, said.

Doty loves having the ability to pass on the passion that he has for biology to his students.

“I realize not everyone will like it and that’s okay, but there are some students in every class who just light up when you talk about something and that makes it awesome,” Doty said.

Teaching high school students can be a challenge, but overall, it has helped Doty build strong bonds and teach students things that he once learned, too.

“Being at the high school level, students are just starting to discover who they are as people, and it’s always exciting to see a student discover something you discovered when you were young,” Doty said. “It’s almost like they help you remember your childhood.”

Outside of the classroom, Doty spends a big fraction of his free time by the pool. He has been coaching girls swimming for five years, three as a head coach.

“It’s a lot of fun to get to know students in a different setting because I have swimmers in class, and in the classroom, they are totally different than how they are on the pool deck,” Doty said.

With the little time that Doty does have available outside of school, he looks forward to spending as much time as possible with his wife and friends. He loves cooking and takes pride in having won the LPHS staff chili cook-off last year.

Since Doty is a coach, he tries his best to stay active and healthy even after swim season. He enjoys kayaking, riding his bike, and walking his dogs.

Doty is a unique individual who shines bright in everything he does, especially teaching. The students who have had him always walk away a better person after having Doty as an educator.

“Mr. Doty was one of my favorite teachers last year. He was always so caring and resourceful whenever the students needed it. He would do things like make a fire from the gas switch to warm us up when it was cold,” Ireland Albin, sophomore, said.

Doty has a heart of gold and because of that, the staff and students at LPHS will always have a spot in their heart for Doty.

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