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AP Seminar completes tasks

AP Seminar completes tasks


There are many different and engaging AP classes to enroll in La Porte High School, but few have the same soul and fun of Mrs. McGuire’s AP Seminar.

AP Capstone classes require that students do and complete different AP related projects, this includes essays, group, and single presentations. These projects will then be submitted to the College Board, where the possibility of gaining college credit can be earned if the projects are done well. The College Board determines if credits will be received.

The projects the students must do are extremely challenging, and the stakes are higher than ever. While this all sounds like a big burden to carry, McGuire gives everything a sense of joy and energy.  She lights up the class with her vibrant personality and strong character.

“I like her a lot,” Hannah Schoner, sophomore student, said. “She really cares about her students and is a great teacher.”

Her support is needed, too, as the projects in AP capstone are grueling and difficult.

The first was an essay focusing on a meaty topic of the students choice. They are agreed upon by the group, usually consisting of two or four students. The subject had to have multiple lenses it could be explored through, whether that be social, scientific, or cultural.

This lens will have to be turned into a 1200 word essay that each member of the group will have to turn into the College Board by April 30th.

“I think mine went pretty. Once I had all the rescreach, it just came together,” Abby Casto, sophomore student, said.

The other project the students did was a group presentation involving the topic the students took for the researched essay. It was to be 8-10 minutes long and involved the students exploring the different lenses they used during their essays. Their performances were recorded and sent to the College Board.

“I think it went actually really good since we lost one of our group members. The time limit we had was the hardest thing.” Morgan Machler, sophomore student, said.

Whether the projects get easier or harder, the students of AP Seminar, with the help of McGuire, will be prepared for whatever the College Board throws at them.

“I am continuously amazed at how our AP Seminar students are performing during the different tasks of this course. One of our core values is perseverance and I’ve watched students and groups live this one every day by reading high level research texts, composing well argued essays, and performing engaging 10 minute speeches,” McGuire said.

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