Orchestras hold enchanting concert

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Orchestras hold enchanting concert

Alex Kring, Staff Writer

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It’s been months on end of constant practicing for the LaPorte High School Orchestra and Symphony. The classes, lead by master maestro Mr. Collins, have perfected their craft and pieces to star level.

All of this preparation has been for the upcoming Concert and Symphony Orchestra ISSMA competitions.

The three pieces the Symphony is playing are “Fiddle Dance,” “Romany Dances” and “Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity.” “Romany” and “Jupiter” are played with the Orchestra and Band combined, while Fiddle Dance is a solo act for the Orchestra.

The three pieces the Concert Orchestra played were “Hornpipe,” “Ventus,” and “Fanfare & Frippery.”

While there were a few struggles, most members of the orchestra pulled through.

“We did well,” Diego Diez Lopez, junior student said. “We have some stuff we need to improve, but by ISSMA we’re gonna get it all done.”

However, while this concert was important, it could be seen as a glossed-up practice session, as Collin’s Orchestra is still focused on getting Gold during the ISSMA competition at Concord High School this Friday.

It hasn’t been smoove sailing though, as practicing sessions have been tricky to pull off. Due to the timing of the concert being just after Spring Break, it’s been a struggle to get the band and orchestra sections of the Symphony to team up.

“I felt like there’s not a lot of eyes on the conductor,” Senior Alec Miller said. “I felt like we were controlling the conductor, and the conductor wasn’t controlling us.”

While the goal isn’t accomplished yet, most involved are excited and anticipating the ISSMA Festival competition and are ready to play their way to Gold.