Lute-Brown puts a twist on Friday SRTs


Alyssa Foster, Editor



Slicer Resource Time is a great opportunity for students to make up work, get ahead on assignments, or even take a short break from lectures. Mrs. Lute-Brown, Expository Writing and English Literature teacher, puts a twist on SRT, though, and ends each week by giving her students a time to release energy and destress.

During SRT each day, students are given 20 minutes to themselves to finish any work they need to. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, students are able to receive a pass to move to different classrooms to finish tests or receive special help from teachers, making sure students are given the attention they need in order to be successful.

Lute-Brown tends to make Fridays a little more fun for her sophomore students after a long week though; she rewards her students by taking them to the main gym and giving them time to do whatever they would like.

“It is a chance to move, to bond, to play and have fun. Not everybody plays, but some play, some bring Chromebooks to work on, some just hang out and watch others play,” Lute-Brown said.

The idea began on the last day of school last year when Lute-Brown took all of her classes outside for the day. Joined by Mrs. Gilliland’s class, the students played with kickballs and footballs and found the day to be a relaxing finish to their year of hard work.

“I sat and watched kids play, and I thought, ‘What a great thing! We should do this more often’,” Lute-Brown said.

Lute-Brown has been taking her students to the gym every Friday since November, and she plans to continue throughout the remainder of the school year. Especially with the new seven-class schedule this year, students seem to be busier and more stressed than ever.

“I think that it is great for them to get up and move around. It is a nice break in the midst of the day,” Lute-Brown said.

Students have seemed to enjoy the chance to move around; Fridays have been an SRT hit for Lute-Brown’s students, and they seem to be favored among other days.

After long weeks of lessons, assignments, and tests, students in Lute-Brown’s SRT are happy to be rewarded with a time to relax, and Lute-Brown is glad to be able to provide them with the opportunity.