Harmonizing with students


The LPHS choirs are yet another example of the strong performing arts program at LPHS.

Routinely bringing home gold ratings from competition and often lending time to volunteer performances in the community, the ensembles positively reflect LPHS and its students at every opportunity. Their director, Thomas Coe, is a shining example of dedication and musicianship to his students.

Coe was educated here in Indiana and had taught at a few other schools before coming to LPHS.

“I taught Elementary Music in Valparaiso, middle school music and choir in Chesterton and high school choir and music theory at Penn High School before coming to LaPorte. I had just finished my Master’s Degree and there was an opening here, which would give me the opportunity to be the head choral director instead of the second assistant where I was before, ” Coe said.

Coe actually started his career as a piano player.

“Piano was actually my declared instrument [in college], but I sang as much as possible as well,” Coe said.

Like many of the most successful teachers, Coe teachers to share his passion for music with others.

“I like the idea of introducing these concepts to students who had never done it before and helping them get better at it,” Coe said.

In his free time, Coe enjoys being active and healthy. He is known for helping people around the area burn calories in a fun way.

“I’ve been a Zumba instructor for eight years. I also like trying new foods and I love to cook,” Coe said.

Whether it be leading Zumba or teaching choir, Coe believes that the real joy of music is being able to share the experience of performing with others.

“I think I like the camaraderie of singing together and the feeling of singing harmony with other people,” Coe said.
Coe has been a memorable teacher for many current and former LPHS students and will continue to impact students in the coming future.

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