Outstanding Students for the 2018-19 school year


Two students from each grade level were named Outstanding Students on April 11th. The LPHS staff chose each of the students on the basis of character, work ethic, and leadership.

In the freshmen class, Macy Mrozinski and Grant Ott-Large were honored.

Mrozinski plays volleyball and tennis at LPHS. She spends her time in school trying to be a positive light in other students’ lives by socializing with them. She loves doing most activities outside, but she especially enjoys bike riding and taking hikes from time to time. Mrozinski feels honored to receive this award because school has always been her number one priority, and she feels like it is starting to finally pay off.

“I believe this award is more than just school work. I love helping and talking to others because you never know when someone needs a friend,” Mrozinski said.

Mrozinski has impressed many of her classroom teachers with her strong work ethic and positive attitude.

“As great as Macy’s academic accomplishments are, she is an even greater person. She is kind, empathetic, and a true leader,” Miss Parker, Mrozinski’s Journalism teacher, said.

Ott-Large was the second freshmen recipient of the Outstanding Student award. Playing basketball inside and outside of school has always been a passion of his; however, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family.

Ott-Large is incredibly grateful having received the award, and he knows it wouldn’t be possible without his hard work and dedication.

“I am honored to be a freshman Outstanding Student as all the hard work and dedication finally pays off. The teachers and my parents have pushed me to be my best I can be and never give up,” Ott-Large said.

Ott-Large has proven to be a hard worker no matter the circumstances, and everyone, including teachers, notice that.

“Grant is totally engaged as a student. He is extremely focused and works hard. His future is unlimited, and I look forward to seeing his progress,” Mr. Varda, teacher, said.

The two sophomores who were named Outstanding Students were Jill Maudlin and Graham Siefker.

Maudlin loves school for many reasons, but her favorite reason is because of the science classes she has the ability to take.

Outside of school, Maudlin spends many days playing softball, whether it be a practice or a game, everyone knows they can count on Maudlin to be there. She also has recently found a new passion in calligraphy and jewelry making, and she has even made several different designs for teachers.

Maudlin is extremely passionate about her academics, so when she received the award, she was incredibly proud of herself.

“It’s nice to be recognized for that [putting all the work into her academics]. I always do my best to keep a positive attitude at school and in life. My teachers and parents have always supported me, so it’s an honor to be named Outstanding Student to recognize their support,” Maudlin said.

Along with all of the outstanding assets that Maudlin adds to the school, she has also been a standout to many teachers, including English teacher Mrs. McGuire.

“Jill is a curious, courageous, creative soul- someone who thinks beyond the what of any given topic or idea and discovers the why. In addition to her intellect, she is one of the kindest humans who works to make other people’s days brighter with her joy,” McGuire said.

The other sophomore who was presented this honor was Graham Siefker. Siefker plays many sports in school. He is involved in golf, tennis, and swim. He was recently selected to serve on the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee, too. Siefker is also involved in Leadership La Porte, and he finds it interesting learning all of the new ideas and meeting new people at Leadership La Porte.

“I feel honored particularly because of the class size that I am in and all of the other hard workers in my grade,” Siefker said.

Siefker shows day in and day out that he is a hard worker and is willing to do whatever it takes to do his best, and the LPHS teachers think the world of him.

“Graham is unique in that he actually tries to speak Spanish on his own before the bell rings with friends or with me usually in a playful manner. He isn’t afraid of making mistakes and just trying to speak whatever he can. He’ll ask questions in Spanish and use whatever vocabulary he can think of and put it together. That’s really a good skill to have- to not worry so much about how it sounds- because that’s the best way to learn to communicate in another language,” Señora Lancioni, teacher, said.

Representing the junior class Outstanding Students are Alyse Ames and Micah Spatt.

Ames participates in almost all of the bands offered at LPHS, Girl Reserves, and National Honor Society. Outside of school, Ames does a great deal of volunteer work, and she spends quite a bit of the little time she has left playing her instruments.

Whenever she has a chance, she spends as much time as she can with her family. She feels incredibly lucky to receive the Outstanding Junior award, especially because she is in a class of 400+ students.

“Sometimes it feels like my effort to learn and improve as a student and as a person falls short of being noticed because there are so many students trying to do the same. Regardless, achieving this award motivates me to continue to strengthen my skills and morals, and I am beyond grateful to be chosen for Outstanding Junior,” Ames said.

Along with Ames’ excelling in academics, she also has been a shining light in the band room.

“Alyse is a wonderful student who is kind, works hard, and always puts forth her full effort. I really look forward to seeing where she ends up after La Porte High School!” Mr. Sullivan, band director, said.

With Ames, Micah Spatt was also chosen as an Outstanding Junior. His favorite thing to do at school is making people laugh. To Spatt, he feels like it makes class less stressful and more loose and exciting.

Spatt plays basketball inside and outside of school. He also works out often to stay in shape for the sport. Spatt lives his life to the fullest every single day, and he is incredibly proud of staying positive and motivated through everything.

“It is a huge honor because I don’t have a 4.0, but I always try to bring a positive and intrigued attitude to every class that I am in, and I am very thankful of the teachers that nominated me,” Spatt said.

The joy that Spatt brings to class has made an everlasting impact on many teachers hearts.

“Micah was such a joy to have in class. His positive attitude changed the entire atmosphere of any setting. I appreciate his kind and respectful personality,” Señora, teacher, Krause said.

The last two outstanding students recognized were seniors Tiffany Lin and Dylan Grace.

Lin is involved in various activities in LPHS. She participates in Girl Reserves, Student Council, Horizon Bank Internship, and National Honor Society. Lin loves volunteering and has found to enjoy it more the more she does it. She volunteers for Junior Achievement and the La Porte County Public Library. She is also on the tennis team and enjoys spending quality time with all of the wonderful family and friends in her life. Along with all of the other Outstanding Students, Lin is very excited to have earned this award.

“Winning this award, especially my senior year, means so much to me. I have always tried my hardest to do the absolute best I can and make my family, friends, and teachers proud. I am extremely thankful to have earned this award because it really shows me that the hard work I have put in these last few years have mattered and is recognized,” Lin said.

After spending her senior year helping as a bank intern, Lisa Marshall, LPHS team leader for Horizon Bank has gotten an inside scoop on how incredible Lin really is.

“Tiffany is always smiling and in a good mood. She has a way of making everyone around her happy. She is full of kindness, and I consider this to be one of her best traits. She has a willingness to help others, putting their needs ahead of her own. Tiffany is a very motivated girl and likes to do a good job and strives for perfection. Everything she does shows her hard work and effort. She is very determined and though it may seem that she is spontaneous, she has a plan for everything!” Marshall said.

The final Slicer who was recognized for being an Outstanding Student is Dylan Grace.

Dylan Grace has actively been a part of the debate team and band program for his high school years. He does everything possible to make sure he is on top of his extracurriculars and academics. He has proven to be not only a great musician and debater, but an overall fantastic student.  

“It has really humbled me to realize that out of all of the other students who are equally as outstanding if not greater than me, I would be the one to go on and earn the award. It really is something that stands to me as a tribute to my entire senior class and those who are still working hard to not only graduate, but move on in life proud of how far they have come. I know that I would not have been as successful without the amazing teachers that I have had, and they have been working even harder than almost any of the students to ensure that each and every one of us is doing what we need to do to succeed,” Grace said.

Many staff can agree that Grace is someone who is quiet, but he never goes unnoticed.

“Dylan is a student who is liked and respected by his peers and teachers. He is a quiet leader who helps other understand the material, answer questions as well as questions the material, and demonstrates what should be done rather than just saying what is done. He has a great sense of humor, a willingness to share his debate skills, and is a great human being! He has made those who have had contact with him better for knowing him,” Mrs. Eggert, teacher, said.

The 2019 Outstanding Students are students who exemplify what it means to be a Slicer, and they make the staff, students, and school a better place everyday.

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