LPHS presents: The Wizard of Oz


This summer the LPHS theater department will present its first full musical this summer: The Wizard of Oz. Auditions

Oz will be led by LPHS’ talented arts staff. Richard Snyder, PAC director, will direct the production.

“The fact that I can cast students from Elementary grades through 12th grade will allow for younger kids to get involved. Our goal is to build a program and reaching out and including younger students is the way to do it,” Snyder said.

Jessica Tenbusch, LPHS’s dance instructor and dance team coach, will choreograph for the actors.

“The style of choreography I will generally use in The Wizard of Oz is jazz. The choreography I will create isn’t really based on the musical alone, but also the individual songs, so each song will have a different feel and might also feature different styles based on what the song is saying,” Tenbusch said.

Tom Coe, choir director, will lead the vocal instruction of the actors.

“I’m hoping to have a good strong core of high school students, but it will be a challenge for sure! At least it’s a musical that many of the cast might already be familiar with, but there is a LOT of music so our work is totally cut out for us!” Coe said.

All of the staff is excited to see what our students are capable of.

“I am very excited to see all the hidden talent here in LaPorte. Being new, I know I haven’t seen all the potential that lies here; so I am excited to see what the kids bring!” Tenbusch said.

Most importantly, having qualified and experienced staff guarantees an amazing show.

“I’m most looking forward to making theater magic! Mr. Snyder is the perfect director to make that happen this year!” Coe said.

The performance dates are June 28th, 29th, and 30th.

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