Dove dives deeper


Senior Breanna Dove has made the most of her high school years. Participating in many clubs and sports, and focusing on her academics, she has successfully set herself up for her upcoming years in college.

Dove has taken part in a variety of extracurriculars at LPHS, including Girl Reserves, Work Ethic, Principal’s Advisory Board, German Club, Key Club, National Honor Society, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She also participated in sports for a few years, but she was unable to continue due to an injury holding her back.

Dove will continue her education at Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis during the Fall of 2019. She looks to major in Health Sciences with plans to become a Physician’s Assistant with a focus on Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Leaving her small hometown of La Porte and moving into a large city will take adjusting, but Dove has set goals and made plans for her future.

“I am looking forward to diving deeper into my interests in human anatomy and science, while also making new friends and exploring Indianapolis. I am very excited to live in a big city and see more of the world that we live in,” Dove said.

Over her high school years, Dove has been able to maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA, ranking her at the top of her class. She has completed multiple Advanced Placement courses and has taken the corresponding tests for each. Though successful in her education, she has had her share of rough spots where motivation and confidence were lacking, but she has found support in those around her.

“My parents have always believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself, and they have always pushed me to become a good person and a good student,” Dove said.

Dove has also found encouragement in her teachers, both present and past. Miss Parker, LPHS teacher, and Mr. Dodson, Boston Middle School teacher, have played excellent roles in Dove’s education and life.

“These two awesome individuals have driven me to have confidence in myself and my abilities, and they have given me the courage to open up and become the person I am today,” Dove said.

As Dove looks to further her education in Indianapolis, she looks back on her time as a Slicer and all of the memories that have come with it.

“LaPorte has been a welcoming place since my first day here, and the teachers here truly care about their students and their success. Being a Slicer has allowed me to make lifelong friends and learn important lessons that I will carry throughout my life,” Dove said.

Dove has been a tremendous example of what it means to be a Slicer.


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