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Mr. Dodson, a Boston Middle School 8th grade US History teacher, is a standout around the halls of BMS. Between teaching and coaching, he has become a favorite to many students, both present and past.

Dodson has been a Bruin for the past nine years. He began teaching seventh grade social studies in 2010 and continued for four years until he eventually switched to his current class, 8th grade US History.

Dodson extends his reach in the corporation past Boston Middle School, though. He is currently the freshman boys basketball coach at LPHS, and he has made some impressive runs overall with the team.

Over the past few years of teaching, Dodson has created many bonds with students that have lasted throughout their high school years. His easy-going personality and drive for empowered education have made him a favorite to many.

¨Mr. Dodson was my teacher for two years in middle school, and I always enjoyed being in his class. Mr. Dodson cared more about grades, and he always made sure to be there for his students when they needed him,¨ Bre Dove, senior, said.

Aside from teaching and coaching, Dodson enjoys spending his time with his children, Klayton and Klara, and his wife, also a teacher at Kesling Middle School.

“We spend time outdoors, going for walks, playing, or biking. When I get time to myself I like to read, watch sports, golf, travel, and try catch up on my ever-expanding queue of DVR’d shows and movies,” Dodson said.

With this year being the final year of Boston Middle School, Dodson is preparing for the transfer into an entirely new environment. He has experienced many life lessons at BMS over the past nine years, and the upcoming change has made him notice that.

“I have enjoyed the day-to-day opportunity to teach these students and to reflect on the longstanding history of the final year at Boston Middle School,” Dodson said.

As his students would agree, Dodson’s way of connecting with students as a teacher and a coach is unique and appreciated.

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