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Girls tennis serves up a record season

Girls tennis serves up a record season


The LPHS girls’ tennis team has had a phenomenal season to remember, with their best recording in over four decades.

The team as a whole so far has an undefeated season with an overall record of 21-0. The last time LPHS girls’ tennis went undefeated was in 1978. The team has also gone 7-0 in conference play, leading to their second straight DAC Championship.

Not only has varsity played well on the court, but JV has also played great, with an impressive overall record of 11-3.

Many players have played great this season, with only one match to go until the end of the season. These players have really showed out with great performances across many matches.

One player who has played exceptionally is senior Alaina Majors, who plays #1 singles and has a record of 17-1 going into the final meet.

“I feel like I have kept up the pace well. I have to keep moving up towards my goal so that way as I get better, my teammates get better,” Majors said.

Another player who has played well is senior Allison Varda, daughter of head coach Don Varda, who plays #3 singles, has an impressive record of 17-1 closing the season.

“I’ve done great this season. I practice year-round out of season, so it’s just all about continuing to improve,” Varda said.

Coach Don Varda always tries to instill positive qualities into his players, not only so they become better tennis players, but also better people.

“I want my players to be brave. I want my players to not be afraid to hit the ball and play as well as they can in practice,” Varda said.

Many of these excellent tennis players play because it’s what they love to do. Some of these players have been playing since they were little, so the sport is sort of in their blood.

“The reason I play tennis is because of the friendships you make. I’ve made a lot of friends this year, including some freshmen,” Majors said.

Sectionals are held on Wednesday, May 15, and Thursday, May 16 at LaPorte High School, so come out to support your fellow Slicers as they look to make a run at the State title.

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