Stevenson Story


Emily Conrad, Staff Writer



With the 2018-2019 school year drawing to a close, as will a long-lived teaching career of Mr. Stevenson, Business Tech teacher at Boston Middle school.

He has been teaching for 15 years, which is a significant amount of time considering he had other experience in different fields of work prior to his teaching career in education. He studied at Calumet College of St. Joseph, where he received his Bachelor’s degree. Stevenson also attended Indiana University from which he accomplished his Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees. Stevenson was initially a labor journalist and then transitioned into the steel industry.

Stevenson decided to pursue education after seeing how much his wife enjoyed teaching. Mrs. Stevenson taught for thirty years ranging from Parochial to public schools.

“Watching the satisfaction my wife received from teaching I decided to pursue that career,” Stevenson said.

Before finding his final teaching position at BMS, Stevenson had taught two years in East Chicago. There he also coached volleyball at Willowcreek Middle School and at Carrie Gosch Elementary in East Chicago.

Stevenson was welcomed into Boston Middle school in 2006. Stevenson’s main reason for choosing to teach Digital Citizenship is because he felt technology is an important skill that every student should know in their future, and he felt he could help set his students up for success.

“Technology is an important part of preparing students for jobs in an ever-changing world,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson has enjoyed watching his students grow in both size and intellect over the years. Being that he is an elective class, he gets to have students for three years, and that gives him the opportunity to build and continue strong relationships with students.

Students adore

With Stevenson’s retirement, he plans to take time to partake in some of his favorite past times. His hobbies include golf, bicycling, and spending time with his grandkids.

As Stevenson’s teaching career is coming to an end, he also reminisces of coaching soccer. He had the honor of leading the team through six city championships!

With him having more free time, he also plans on giving back to the community. Stevenson would like to help Veterans like himself apply for and receive their benefits through the Veterans Administration. It is amazing to see someone who has served our country to help out others who have done the same.

Stevenson enjoyed teaching and was surrounded by many who adored him.

“I always enjoyed Mr. Stevenson’s class. He was very fun and made me laugh,” Yanely Amaya, former Bostonian, said.

Mr. Stevenson appreciates his work environment that has been his home for years. As he says goodbye, he has high hopes for the students and staff he is leaving behind.

“I have worked in many places in my life but the professionalism and care that the teachers show daily at BMS for their students and the extra hours and efforts they put in always amazes me. They will all be going to the new intermediate school but “a high tide raises all ships” so I know the new school will be exceptional with them in it,” Stevenson said.

As the year is coming to an end, Stevenson is going to be missed by his superior and many more.

“Mr. Stevenson has the biggest heart for students of nearly any teacher I know. He is the kindest teacher, that I would want my grandkids to have in school,” Mrs. Carter, principal at Boston, said.