A ‘noteworthy’ educator


A wonderful addition to the La Porte Community School Corporation’s arts programs recently is Elizabeth Cravens. This is the second year she has led the choir programs at Boston Middle School.

Cravens is already making strides to strengthen Boston’s choral program.

“In choir, our curriculum mainly revolves around music. We try to expose students to a variety of genres that challenge them at just the right level for their growth. In addition to the repertoire, we are continually trying to improve music literacy, or the ability to read and understand music,” Cravens said.

Cravens studied at Ball State University and was a Piano major. She had taught Orchestra and Music Theory at Penn High School from 2012 to 2017 before coming to Boston Middle School.

“My family lives near La Porte and I wanted to spend more time with them,” Cravens said.

Cravens finds importance in exposing her students to various cultures with her curriculum.

“Throughout the year, we incorporate learning activities on the history or culture surrounding songs that we are studying. Our music literacy lessons and activities involve music theory at the most basic level (note identification, dynamics, rhythms, etc),” Cravens said.

In addition to music education, Craves believes that it is important to teach her students some essential life lessons.

“I try to teach and model respect. No other statement can compare to the Golden Rule.

Additionally, I find myself constantly emphasizing the importance of doing something that needs to be done, regardless of your feelings at the moment. The earlier a person practices commitment and the use of willpower over temptation, the less they will struggle with anything in the future,” Cravens said.

This ideology stems from her love for education and desire to share it with her students through music.

“I enjoy learning and helping others learn. Music is a passion for me, and that became a natural outlet for teaching,” Cravens said.

As such, Cravens believes in the natural power that music has in life.

“Music is beautiful and powerful. It may not change anything about your circumstances, but it can completely change the way you feel, regardless of those circumstances,” Cravens said.

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