Tenbusch tapping to a new role

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Tenbusch tapping to a new role

Emily Conrad, Staff Writer

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Mrs. Tenbusch, Dance Choreography teacher, is currently easing into her new position as head coach of the La Porte High school Pom and Dance team.

When Tenbusch came to teach Dance Choreography at La Porte High School, the idea of her to take over for former coach Mrs. Parthun, who is retiring, seemed like a perfect fit. Tenbusch’s experience is going to take the Poms team to a new level.

Tenbusch has been involved with dance for about 21 years. She began her interest in dance when she started out at a local dance studio in her previous home of Tennessee.  

She continued her passion of dance to college where she attended the Western Kentucky University. Tenbusch sashayed from college receiving a Bachelor’s degree in dance.

Tenbusch continues to dance professionally as well. She is a tap dancer in the Human Rhythm Project in Chicago. Her expertise is invaluable at LPHS.

The dance team has already completed their tryouts, and Tenbusch is bubbling with excitement for what is to come.

“I am excited about the potential we have. The energy at the tryouts was amazing, and I think we will surprise everyone with what we can do,” Tenbusch said.

Tenbusch hopes the dancers, as well as teachers, and the general public is just as eager for what the upcoming season has in store.

“I am hoping to bring a renewed energy. I really want the dancers to be pumped and excited for what they are doing,” Tenbusch said.

Something new that Tenbusch would like to incorporate into the teams’ season is participating in more competitions. The team LPHS varsity dance team would typically be the only ones getting to partake in competitions, but Tenbusch would like to change this and get the junior varsity involved, too.

Many of the dancers are excited about the addition of Tenbusch.

“I feel like she will help our team get stronger and more together,” Trista Rompa, junior, said.

Along with the new coach position being filled by Tenbusch, the LPHS dance team has also had the addition of their first male dancer. Matthew Smith, junior, has made the varsity dance team. He has some experience from being a part of the LPHS guard team, and he will definitely be a great aspect to LPHS poms.

“The LPHS dance team is a strong group of people and I feel welcomed to be myself,” Smith said.

Smith’s message to everyone is that dance is not only for girls and that people should not care what others think.

Tenbusch is going to make something great out of this 2019-2020 season. She has all the right criteria and knowledge of dance and a great attitude stepping into this new position.

Anyone wanting to see the LPHS’ dance team in action will have a first look when they dance at the fourth of July parade in LaPorte.


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