Senior Goodbye: Alyssa Foster


It’s hard to believe that the end is already here. After four long years of walking the same halls, seeing the same faces, and opening the same locker, it is crazy to think that it’s all coming to an end and all becoming just a memory.

Four years ago, I came into La Porte High School the same way most freshmen do: terrified. Now, as I go through my final days of high school and I prepare to move away to college, I am back to feeling one way: terrified. In only a few short months, I will be moving 355 miles away from home to continue my education at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, and I’m not sure what to expect. Leaving my family, my friends, and La Porte is going to be one of the scariest steps I will ever take, but it is bound to be one of the best.

Without LPHS and the people here, I wouldn’t be where I am. Without the incredible newspaper teams I’ve been a part of, I wouldn’t have been motivated to continue studying Journalism in college. Without the girls I’ve had the privilege of bowling with over the years, I wouldn’t be furthering my love for the sport on my college team. Every opportunity I’ve been given has created the person I am now, and for that I am forever grateful. My time at LPHS has been nothing short of interesting. Some times have been rough, but overall it has been incredible. And though I am excited to soon be a Lion, I’ll always be proud to be a Slicer.

As days count down and I say my final goodbyes, it is, without a doubt, going to be difficult and full of tears. Changes and new experiences are necessary to grow, though, and I’m ready to take on a new life in a new place. So as I turn in my last assignments and complete my finals, I guess this is the end. But really, it’s just the beginning.

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