Elmer Varro:The Face of FFA leaves his mark


With the school year coming to a close, LPHS is losing a vital member of its student body. Most may know him from his signature look, compassion towards others, or from being crowned homecoming king; Elmer Varro, Class of 2019 graduate, is wading his way through the last days of high school, allowing himself and others to reflect on the person he was walking into the doors of LPHS and the person he has become.  

Varro stands above others as being one of the hardest working and caring students at LPHS. Students and staff look at Varro as a true example of what it means to be a Slicer.

“Elmer has had a big impact on the LaPorte FFA chapter as well as the beginning of my teaching career. I have only known Elmer for a short amount of time but within that time, I think I have learned as much from him as he has learned from me. I know I can always rely on Elmer to help out whenever it is needed and will stick around until the job gets done. He has helped out Mr. Walker and I in so many ways that I don’t think we could ever thank him enough for everything he has done. He shows his leadership skills by the way he is always willing to help out his classmates and showing them how to do it for next time. I honestly don’t know what we are going to do without him next year and are truly going to miss him.” Mrs. Furness, FFA advisor and agriculture teacher, said.  

Varro has been an FFA member for two years and has been extremely involved through the years. He competed at the state FFA Welding Competition and placed 49th and first place in all of LaPorte County. During the 2019 FFA banquet, Varro was given a new award called the Varro Award. This achievement award was created by Furness, to showcase students like Elmer.

Many different clubs and sports within the school recognize a member that has made a big impact on their organization. This award will hopefully become one of our new traditions as the following student has helped to shape the chapter into what it is today. He has become a staple to LaPorte FFA and LPHS staff and students are going to miss him next year. Varro has helped out the chapter in so many different ways that Mr. Walker and Ms. Furness could never thank him enough for. LPHS FFA hopes to continue this award for years to come and award it to a student who stands out among the rest.

“Elmer has a true affinity for agriculture and mechanics. He is a tireless worker who always helps others and was a pleasure to have in class and the FFA. He will truly be missed, but he has left a legacy of what a FFA member would aspire to be,” Walker, FFA advisor and agriculture teacher, said.

High school is a time of academic and personal growth for students. Varro grew into a changed person due to the environment and situations that agriculture classes, FFA, and FFA advisors put him in as he became more involved in his junior and senior year.

“I walked into high school with the feeling that I was not going to make it [graduate], so all I did was mess around and treat the people around me poorly. It all changed junior year when a teacher [Rob Walker] talked me into believing I could graduate. I started putting effort into school and it has brought me this far. If I can graduate, anyone can graduate,” Varro said.  

As he was growing up, students and teachers did not see him at his worth and thought less of him than what he has become. Varro skyrocketed from the expectations that were set upon him and will be proving them wrong as he walks across the graduation stage as part of the 150th graduating class of LaPorte High School.   

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