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Bockhorst takes on a new role

Bockhorst takes on a new role


Starting in the new school year of 2019-2020, Rebecca Bockhorst will be starting a new position at the middle school teaching Spanish to younger students.

Bockhorst has been teaching Spanish at the high school for seven years now, and this will be a large shift in environment for her. While middle school students are more likely to be open to different activities, they also will need more guidance and time to work.

The new class being offered is Spanish 1 only for students who are excelling academically. Students will take the first part of Spanish 1 their 7th grade year and the second part their 8th grade year.

“I think that this new class will be extremely beneficial because language is better acquired at younger ages,” Bockhorst said.

With this new class, students will have the ability to acquire world language at a younger age, and therefore will be able to grasp the concept faster. This also leaves more room in their later years to take different courses while still achieving their four year language requirement.

Bockhorst has been a beloved member of the LPHS staff, and this opportunity is perfectly suited for her.

While teaching Spanish at the high school for many years, Bockhorst has developed many close relationships and taught valuable lessons to those around her. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone is learning but having a good time while doing it.

Hosting the Spain trip in Spring of 2019, running for City Council, planning a future trip to Ecuador, and participating in the numerous amount of clubs and committees she takes part in are just scraping the surface of how involved Bockhorst is in bettering the community.

If anyone will be able to shift to teaching younger children Spanish, it is Bockhorst. Slicers wish her the best of luck in her jump to middle school, and cannot wait to see the progress that will be made.

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